Chihuahua friends

Сhihuahua friends

   best friends
the first training sessions before the start of a show career
Male cream LONG coat
Shah Arpilin AEROSMITH
f.Shah Arpilin Jingle Bell
m.Shah Arpilin ERNESTINA
Owner Egorova Irina(MOSCOW,RUSSIA)

in a new house with a new friend
(owner Olga Galiaskarova)

Shah Arpiin Garold

Leon Killer (Turkey)

Leon is in his new home in Turkey with a new friend
already made up!
We must live in love and friendship after all.
quarrel and offence

Shah Arpilin Alameda 

f.Shah Arpilin Ah-Ho Kubanite  

m.Shah Arpilin Tamiko

Owner  Kati Järvenpää (TAMPERE,FIN)



It's been two days in the new house.
Happy baby  Abigail!!!!

Moskaleva Tatiana  

   Shakira and a friend



with a new friend.
Now we do everything together



 Calambria in a new home in Finland  


Helios first day in a new home in Belgium
r  For a friend, I do not feel sorry for anything  (owner Ludmila Sviridova (St-petersburg)
Shah Arpilin MILORI
Owner Marchenko Elena (Voronеzh,RUSSIA)
Looking forward to going for a walk.  
2 girlfriends
   Mikulishna first day in a new house.
   faithful friends
   My dear Sakkura has been living in Finland for a long time. I think the dog is happy.
true friends do everything together. Even sleep
 In a new house with a new friend
For a friend, I even give up my sleeping place
   In a new house with a new friend
 2 friends are always together!

Ponechka and Judi


Anna Hoxell


Lapväärtti, Länsi-Suomen Lääni   (FINLAND)


Alamo (center, blue) with his friends
Shah Arpilin ALAMO
Owner Madeleine elaine lee
(Quezon City,FILIPPINES)
Pedigree ingrus

Shah Arpilin Alameda

(owner Paula Järvenpää ,FINLAND)

 Gizmo and his new friend in Finland
who knows how to smile like me?
we are always together


 True friends are always good together  
two friends


Shah Arpilin karmel Snow Maiden, Karmelchika, Sakura& Lapsi Push 
(Lumi,Vilma , Sabina & Helmi)


Sanon kiitos!
Annoit erittäin mukavan kodin koirilleni!

I say thank you!
You gave a very nice home for my dogs!

Shah Arpilin karmel Snow Maiden, Karmelchika, Sakura& Lapsi Push
(Lumi,Vilma , Sabina & Helmi)


I see how happy my dogs are, so I also feel joy !!!!!!!
Shah Arpilin karmel Snow Maiden, Karmelchika, Sakura& Lapsi Push
(Lumi,Vilma , Sabina & Helmi)



Mira and her best friend

Shah Arpilin MIRRA

Owner Yana Zvereva,Moscow (RUS)  Pedigree

Our main assistant Mirra!

my beauties

Was small and now almost adult

SHAH ARPILIN PUH    pedigree (ingrus)     Owner Mira Carolina Sakara(Lahti,FIN)


Hyvä Tiina!   Kiitos, annoit hyvän kodin koiralleni!    Näen kuinka rakastat häntä!   Monta kertaa kiitos!

Dear Tiina!  Thank you, you gave a good home for my dog!   I see how you love her!  Many times thank you!


Chihuahua, too, can something !!!!
Not just lying in bed under the covers!


Shah Arpilin Nemo Nasledie Inkov
f.Shah Arpilin Back Bani
m.Shah Arpilin Yogik v Tumane
Owner Kozlova Natalija (Velikie Luki,RUS)


My 3 pensioners






My  dogs


 Abbo in the new house!
I wish you happiness and long life.

cream company


my JUN  dogs


Shah Arpilin Aguliar
f.Shah Arpilin HIPPO
m.Shah Arpilin Tamiko
Owner Pirjo Elijoki (Valkeakoski ,FIN )


ELEIN  and Sakura  in a new house in Finland

Leo  and Kendrik (owner shah Arpilin)

 my kids

Lusia  in the new house  Jonna Salonen (Helsinki)

Shah arpilin Benedetto & Shah arpilin Puh

owner  Mira Carolina Sakara (FIN)


S A HELEN    owner  Andrea Clanek  (AUSTRIA)


Shah Arpilin Sirius The Best  and  Shah Arpilin  Carmel

Owner  Zaychuk Oleksandr    



 Apka  in a new home 

Tuula Virtanen  (Vantaa,FIN)


the first day together with a new friend  

SHAH  ARPILIN   Syntax          Owner Carola Andersson          (Porvoo Finland)


My little TaToska is happy in the new house!
Owner Irina Vizhonskaja (Moscow,RUS)


 A small athlete (weight 1650 g!)
Shah Arpilin Gulden Draak


Shah Arpilin BLUMARINE

f.Shah Arpilin HIPPO

m.Shah Arpilin Lakshmi - Goddess of Beauty

Owner Lana Napreenko (Mogiliov,Belarusia)

A small athlete (weight 1350 g!)
Shah Arpilin Gulden Draak

f.Shah Arpilin ROMARIO


Owner Saruhanova Natalija  (Sevastopol,RUS)


owner   Milla Salminen  (Finland)

Shah Arpilin RIONA


Shah Arpilin Rosinta, daily "Sita Pita" forever in my arm




Male  Shah Arpilin Aristarh

f.Shah Arpilin HIPPO   m.Shah Arpilin Tamiko    Owner Jose Nespoli (Silvi-Marina Italy)


Shah Arpilin Sunny Yasha    

f.Shah Arpilin HIPPO    m.Shah Arpilin KAILIN ZHULI

Owner  Irina Vizonskaya (Moscow,RUS)


 That's it - dog happiness! Aada in your favorite home (Heli Mantila, Finland)



 Birthday !   Gilberto, congratulations !!!  1 year !


 My Princesses:
Shah Arpilin Consuelo Velazques


 The first day in the new house.
Thanks Nina Psajd
You give a good home and a good family for my puppy!

Shah Arpilin  PUILIN

 f.Shah Arpilin KVIKSEL

 m.Shah Arpilin KAROLINE

Owner  Nina Psajd (Rosenhillsvägen,Sweden)


Shah Arpilin Margherita   AmareLaVita


 Asia Grzyb Fudała


 Shah Arpilin Shagane 15 ye !!!!! 


 IRAKEZA  (NEW owner Vitalii Dubina   This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. )


 Shah Arpilin Rosanna   (owner  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.">'+addy_text93873+'<\/a>'; //--> ,FINLAND )


My baby   in the new house. Even with new friends.

Shah Arpilin  Benito Benvenuto

f.MOONLIGHTFIRE EL PASADOR-PC   m.Shah Arpilin Patrina    Owner  Mira Carolina Sakara (FINLAND)


my  BABY    Shah Arpilin Happy Smile   Fortuna   first day in the new house

f.Shah Arpilin HIPPO 

m.Shah Arpilin Jazeera Ponyo 

Owner  Maria Kovalenko (Moscow,RUS)


 Мои помощники  на кухне  my helpers in the kitchen


My baby  first day in the new house. Even with new friends.

Shah Arpilin Holden Gracious

f.Shah Arpilin HIPPO m.Shah Arpilin Jazeera Ponyo

Owner Yulia Radulović  (BUDVA,MONTENEGRO)
Мой малыш  первый день в новом доме. Уже с новыми друзьями.

 Shah Arpilin Ramzes, owner Niina Järvinen   (FINLAND)



Kolobova Natalija

(Como, Lombardia, ITALY)

  FLIORA   (Owner  Nina Psajd)

My dogs

 Shah Arpilin Manush

 Shah Arpilin Kim(Juha ja Kimi)

 Owner Johanna Lausjärvi

 Irakezka  in the new house

 Klemensio in the new house

 Shah Arpilin In Kazakhstan

Kim  in the new  hause (owner)Marko Makkonen and Sari Saarnio



Shah Arpilin Margherita   AmareLaVita     Owner  JOANNA FUDAŁA   CZAPL(POLAND)



 Lola and Mikki


Bertik in new home(owner Prokofieva Tatijana,Moscow)


 Nika and papa ( owner Natalia  Semeshko< Dnepropetrovsk>Ukraine)

 Shah Arpilin Eshli

 Shah Arpilin Dibujo  Gran Canaria

Owner   Claret Rodriguez Jiménez.

Las Palmas de Gran Canaria (Span)

Shah Arpilin  HEARTBREAKER  Owner  Johanna Heinzl (Austria)

Owner Siglinde Thurner (AUSTRIA)







Johanna Pulkkinen  FINLAND 



Shah Arpilin Leo (Span)